“When Anglicanism is at its best, its music, its liturgy and its life can create
a world of wonder in which it is very easy to fall in love with God.” 
The Very Rev. Urban T. Holmes
What is Anglicanism? (New York: Church Publishing, 1982)

The worship at St. Luke’s is rooted in the Anglican tradition. We create a world of wonder by gathering together in prayer and celebration. In that world of wonder (called the liturgy), we realize that the true nature of everything is love: the love God has for us and the love we share with each other. Experiencing God’s love through the liturgy, we find ourselves compelled and encouraged to go forth as bearers of that love: spirituality in action.

We have three principal liturgies (services) each week.

Sunday Mornings at 8:00 AM we celebrate Holy Communion with traditional language (thee and thy) and no music. This is our more contemplative or reflective worship.

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM we celebrate Holy Communion with contemporary language (you and your), music, and a true feeling of being a community at prayer.

Wednesdays at noon, we celebrate Holy Communion with contemporary language, stories of those who have gone before us (saints) and no music. This liturgy is about half an hour and can be fit into your lunch break from work.

We also celebrate life’s passages and patterns with such liturgies as baptisms, confirmations, marriages or holy unions, house blessings, and funerals.

You will learn a great deal about us if you worship with us. How we pray shapes what we believe.

Because words are not always adequate to communicate what is in our hearts, we turn to the power of music.  Most of our parishioners find that music enriches their worship experience.  St. Luke’s celebrates its faith through music that draws on Anglican and Episcopal tradition, while exploring new genres and styles.  Though most of our congregational music is found in The Hymnal 1982, we also utilize and enjoy music from the Taize repertoire and other contemporary sources.

Our music program has a long and distinguished history, having been directed by many notable organists and choirmasters.


Most of our worship services are recorded (audio only). We try to post them as quickly as possible, usually by mid-week. You can listen to the sermon only or the whole service.

Visit our Recorded Sermons page.

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