The Episcopal Church and our Anglican tradition uphold an old saying: “praying shapes believing.” How we pray and worship as a community expresses our belief, and also shapes our journey of believing. When we are asked, “What do you believe?” it begins simply by showing up, entering into the community’s shared life of prayer, and experiencing – from the inside out – the life of God in Jesus. It is the same simplicity of “showing up” and being available that shows what we really believe when we serve at the You Are Not Alone feeding ministry, are open to questions in our many studies and classes, offer a donated coat to a person in need from our Thrift Shop or provide furniture and housewares through Partners in Housing Transition.

There are, of course, many ways to explore the question, “What do you believe?” is an excellent resource to explore this question.

An equally excellent resource can be found on the Episcopal Church’s national website.

The good news is that Christianity is a group sport! Learning (and believing) on your own is an important part of your faith journey, but it’s only a part. It belongs with sharing your questions and celebrating your discoveries with Christians in community. Wherever you are in your journey of faith, it would be a privilege for the St. Luke’s Community to believe with you.

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