St. Luke’s offers access to online course on church related issues. These courses are available to members of the church. Click on the “Register” button below to register and view a course on how these classes work.

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The courses are offered through a partner program called “ChurchNext” and are free to church members.

Courses currently available:

How to Take a ChurchNext Class
ChurchNext for Congregations

How to Simplify Your Life with Mark Scandrette
Stop Worrying! with Teri Racey
How to Forgive with Virginia Holeman
Holy Habits for Children with Valerie Hess
Praying with Icons with Randall Warren
How to Help a Sick Friend with Joyce Mercer
Start a Family Devotional Time with Anne Kitch
How to Discern God’s Will with Ruth Haley Barton
Handling the Work-Life Balance with David Gray
How to Share Your Faith with John Bowen

If you’d like to take some of those classes, please click on the “Request Course” button below and fill out the form. After reviewing your information, we’ll send you an invitation that’ll enable you to start taking the requested course.

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