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St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Ministry Survey for age 55 and up

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2. By what gender do you identify?

3. Relationship Status

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Narrative Questions

1. How would you describe your age group in key words or phrases?

2. What are some of the key life tasks that your group is experiencing today?

3. What are some of the important life issues that your age group is experiencing today?

4. What are the most meaningful experiences you have in life? What makes these experiences meaningful to you?

5. How important is your relationship with God? Why?

6. Where do you experience God most?

7. What are the significant spiritual issues that your age group is experiencing today?

8. What is most important to you about being an Episcopalian Christian today?

9. How do you live your Christian faith? Please name some of the ways you put your spirituality in action?

10. How can the church help you to continue growing as a Christian? Please be as specific as possible, naming some of the things you would like to see St. Luke's offer for your age group.

If you prefer to print a blank form, fill it in, and bring it to the office, you can view the form and print it here.

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