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Jesus welcomed everyone to the table. So do we.


Jesus welcomed everyone
to the table. So do we.

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To remember the landing of the first enslaved Africans at Jamestown, August 1619, Christ Church will toll its great 1702 bell, cast in the same foundry as Liberty Bell, for 4 minutes on Sunday, Aug 25, 3 pm, to sound a bell of penance for legacies of slavery that continue today.

Science and technology has brought much development, and yet we still face many man-made problems. We are social animals. We depend on the community in which we live. Therefore, we need a sense of global responsibility, because the well-being of humanity is our own well-being.

We live in a world where many are broken: By sin, by hatred, by evil, by cruelty. Our Lord Jesus Christ takes our brokenness and makes us whole. He is truly “the God of all comfort” and only asks that we break open our hearts to love.

a reminder that the amazon forest has been on fire for 3 weeks now and because of the lack of media coverage people don’t know about it. this is one of most important ecosystems on earth

📯Our 2019-2020 program year theme: Love Jesus + Touch Something Ancient + Move Forward + Do Good Together Today📯
Kick-off Sunday, September 8, with backpack blessing and ice cream social after the 9:30 Liturgy. Kids, put socks in your backpack to use the bounce house!

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